SLEEQ® Spinal Bracing System manufactured by Quinn Medical is the world’s most advanced spinal compression LSO (Lumbar Sacral Orthosis) brace on the market that truly enables a universal fit for a clear majority of patients in a single model. With one model, it dramatically reduces the hassle and cost of unwanted inventory, while its elegant, easy-to-use, and patient-friendly design offers best-in-class comfort and support for the lubmo-sacral region of the spine. Also, available, the new SLEEQ® Flex, a flexible sagittal (anterior-posterior) control TLSO (Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis) brace. Both are non- pharmaceutical solutions for the relief of low back pain. PDAC approved for Medicare reimbursement.

SLEEQ’s state-of-the-art tightening system makes it easy to achieve optimal compression for the most effective pain relief on most patient profiles. Advanced eco-friendly materials promote air flow and breathability to keep patients cool and dry. The low-profile support system automatically conforms (cold molds) to a patient’s anatomy for a custom fit, providing optimum comfort and support for pain management and promotes patient compliance.

Universal Fit     •      Elegant Design       •     Unparalleled Value

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