Founded in 2012 to serve the needs of active and athletic adults, JUSCO is committed to providing pain management solutions and health products that promote our clients’ longevity, vitality, fitness and freedom.


Our commitment to your vibrant health starts with scouring the globe for the finest and most reputable products available. From over-the-counter solutions to prescription products and devices, we offer a curated collection of the most sophisticated and effective health products on the market, along with pain management solutions that restore your vitality and help you stay active even during recovery.


We go one step further by consulting and collaborating with doctors, chiropractors, sports trainers and leading medical professionals for their personal recommendations. In the end, we refuse to offer any product that does not meet with our exacting standards for both safety and effectiveness.


But our passion for vibrant health doesn’t stop there. Along with passing the world’s finest health products at great savings along to you, we donate a percentage of all our sales to organizations that promote the wellbeing of communities around the world. From children’s after-school sports programs to prenatal nutrition, we are committed to making our global community a healthier, happier place.


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